IT Services

All digital assets in a powerful order.

Cautron IT Services provide qualified and ultra secured IT environment with central control to your business.

Secured, Organized, Comprehensive IT Services

Starting with most powerful Google Workspace powered e-mails, domain and DNS management to employee mobile device management, cloud services and more. Every Cautron IT services are designed to make you feel like your internal IT department instead of being an outsource service.

Mail Plus. Mail and User Management.

Mail Plus Plan designed to build most secured and well organized online office systems including resources, departments and business mail addresses management, within the Google Workspace environment. With the most disciplinary central mail management, you and your business’s sensitive data are always secured and confidential both for employee’s and IT center’s end.

You may benefit from Cautron Business Mail Plus Plan in two ways, with single time first installation and with regular mail and user management after the installation.

Mail Plus and Google Workspace.

The most qualified and secured central mail & user management for your business. Get your business mail addresses, on the powerful Gmail infrastructure, send and receive mails securely.

Mail Plus and Google Workspace

The most qualified and secured central mail & user management for your business. Get your business mail addresses, on the powerful Gmail infrastructure, send and receive mails securely.

Data Plus. Data and Cloud Management.

Your data is handy as long as it is well organized. Cautron Data Plus aims to build well organized online office structures and data archive with secured central access management. We analyze the most efficient data structure required for your business according to our well developed parameters in long time range and build centralized data and access structure.

Cautron Business Data Plus Plan, can be used for both a single-time initial setup and regular data & user consultation with management after setup.

DNS Plus. Domain and DNS Management.

Powerful DNS and qualified domain registrar is the most fundamental requirement for everything to work properly and secured. Your all businesses digital assets, your website, cloud and your mails rely on your domain to work. And the domain needs a well managed DNS configuration to make all work.

Server Plus. Hosting and Server Management.

A website is can be as strong as it’s host servers while a business needs powerful and talented servers for holding data. Well-configured dedicated servers with high processing capability power the website and keeps it online and fast even at the highest traffic. According to the requirements for each projects, we always work with the world’s best hosting and server provider solution partners with specific features.

With server and hosting management plans, Cautron aims to provide well configured server, hosting and data installation in single-time initialization plans and management and maintenance for continuation plans.

Device Plus MDM

MDM also includes advanced IT management systems like browser management, device inventory and serial number management, remote device and network management, more security management and more application and licensing, in shortly provides more central IT control.

IT Plus, IT Max and IT Ultra. Full IT packages to build secured IT environment.

Full IT packages are designed to build ultra secured, well managed, comprehensive IT environment with central control for the businesses with wide IT management needs.

We aim to ensure high reliable IT services with qualified technical support and provide an outsource service which makes feel like your business’ internal IT department with it’s quality.

Take your time to explore, make sure you are adequately informed about the digitalization processes. We have designed Cautron Business to raise the awareness about digitalization for our fellow visitors. Configure when you feel ready!